In a place you only dream of
Where your soul is always free
Silver stages, golden curtains
Filled my head, plain as can be
As a rainbow grew around the sun
All the stars above who died came from
Somewhere beyond the scene you see
These lovely people played just for me.

Green Grass and High Tides Forever

The Outlaws

Hughie Thomason, Songwriter

Chapter 1

Hey man, did you hear about Steve?  I heard they had to put him in the crazy hospital.  Yes, but I just found out he shot himself.  No way.  Yep, he’s dead.  Holy shit.  I never thought he would do something like that.  Do you know the details.  He got someone to sneak a gun into him.  And he shot himself in the head.  Do you know what happened to start all this besides the problem with addictions?

From what I’ve been told.  After he took the 60 pills and tried to OD, he got straight.  You know started attending church going to meetings.  He even spoke at meetings.  He was doing great.  Then his wife left him, and he got depressed and money was a problem.  He started gambling.  Found some other recreational habits and went down the rabbit hole.  He got behind on bills.  Of course, she pretty much got everything.  He didn’t give a shit he said because of his daughter.  Let her have it he said, maybe she’ll take care of my kid.  Then like I said he lost his business.  Just let her have the damn thing.  His mom’s house.  And of course, there big house burned.  He didn’t even rebuild it.  They foreclosed and sold it at an auction.  Then she turns around and sells the restaurant and house. She disappears into the night with his daughter.  Of course, he finds her. She went home to momma.  Twelve hours away.  Didn’t get permission from the court system or anything.  He tries to get her back closer, but she lies, and the Judge denies his request.  He doesn’t get to see his daughter anymore and gets depressed. 

Finally, out of the blue something good happens.  He gets a good job with great benefits.  He works his ass off and everything is going great.  Boom.  He meets this younger woman.  About 24 years younger.  Nick, he called her. He’s doing great he has a health issue and takes a leave of absence from work.  He took off a couple of months.  Gets everything fixed and check out.  He’s happy and Nick is happy it seems, and they are getting along great.  So, what happened.

It seems Nick like to party.  Not drink,  but other kinds of suicide in a bottle.  And that was right Steve’s alley as you know.  He finds better ways to get high and die.  Lol Some folks never learn.  I hate to say that but it’s the truth.  But anyway, don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but the truth is the truth.  I hear you there.  Please continue.  Anyway, he and Nick end it. She goes back to her husband and he never told about that situation.  But anyway, he continues to do the things she introduced him too.  Well, this one day he shows up at the house.  I can tell he’s spun.

 He’s talking all this crazy shit about drugs, God, spiritual awakening, how he found some gateway, just crazy shit.  So, I ask him.  Where did you get all these weird notions.  He goes well, I talk to, are you sitting down?  Yep.  What did he say?  He said he talks to Dead Rock Stars.  That they visit him and tell him secrets.  You’ve got to be shitting me.  No. So I ask him, what kind of secrets?  You didn’t believe that stupid shit did you.  Hell no.  What else did he tell you.

First, I asked him.  How come they picked you?  Did you ask them that?  He says, I did, and they said it was predestination.  What is that?  It’s like you life is already predetermined.  You don’t really have a choice.  It’s already laid out for you before you are born.  You actually agreed to this life before you were born.  OMG!   That’s crazy.  So, what did you say to that.  I said, bullshit.  Then he goes off on the tangent about not ever dying, and how he had super powers and could read minds.  And that’s when I started laughing and said, okay read my mind hotshot.  What did he say?  He say you’ve been feeling troubled lately.  That I was worried about money and that I thought Britany was cheating on me.  Uh, was he was right?  Part of it?  Which part.   The Britany part.  Well.  Damn. That’s spooky.

So, what happened next. He leaves the job.  Starts doing something totally different.  Says he is written a book.  Can you believe that shit?  Tells me all this muck. Did he write a book.  Yes he did.  So how did he wind up in the Crazy House.  He messed with the wrong person, I guess.  No.  You just can’t have someone committed you know.  That have got to be a threat to themselves or someone else.  Well, it seems the ex-called someone and told them a bunch of lies.  And that someone somehow got a warrant and went to his house and found some drugs.  He said they weren’t his but who knows.  Anyway, the cops take pictures of everything.  He had all these posters on the wall.  It was about religion and all this seeking crap he was doing.  He admitted to smoking weed often but there was some really “out there” ideas on these poster boards.  When he goes before the judge the judge insists on treatment.  He doesn’t have a choice, so he goes.  He gets out and gets into with someone who lives at his complex.   Something stupid.  Anyhow he gets into a fist fight and lights the guy up.  Well, this sissy calls the cops and bingo he winds up back in the nut house.  I go to see him, and he’s messed up.  They have him on all kinds of anti-psychotic drugs.  He doesn’t even know his damn name.  He’s like a zombie.  I get the hell out of there because he’s gone over the edge.  I talk to his sister and she pretty much agrees with me.  She tries to get him out but nothing.  The next thing I know his sister calls and says they found him dead next to his bed in the hospital.  Someone carried in hand gun into him and he used it.

That’s a damn shame.  It’s sure is.  When is the funeral?  Day after tomorrow.  So, you know anything else?  Yes, but I can’t tell you right now.  Got to go run errands.  Come to the house tonight and Britany will cook, and we can talk some more.  Sounds good what time.  Around 7pm.  I’ll be there bro.

This is the first chapter of my book that will soon be published on Kindle.  The name of the book is Dead Wishes.  This is a teaser if you will.

Chapter 2

Dead Children

Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The day’s divinity
First thing you see.

Jim Morrison

Hi Britany.  How are you Bobby?  I’m just hanging in and hanging on.  What about you?  I’m doing great. And dinner will be done shortly.  Pat is in the great room watching the game.  I’ll call everyone in about 30 minutes.  Make yourself at home here’s a beer. 

Chester what’s going on.  How come Britney calls you Pat?  That’s my name dumbass.  Chester Patrick Simmons.  I didn’t know you middle name was Patrick.  Now you do.  What you do sound thrilled with something.  I didn’t want you to know my middle name.  Well, that’s stupid.  I know just one of my pet peeves.  But anyway, let’s eat and we can talk.  Sounds good I’m hungry.

So, lets get down to it Chet.  I want to know what happened to our friend.  I mean really, he was always a little crazy but suicide?  I’m really shocked.  I was too actually.  It’s not something I could do.  Mainly because of fear and my beliefs.  I’m with you on that one.

Ok here’s what he told me.  Better yet I have it written down. In fact, it was the start of his book.  He asked me not to tell anyone.  He was writing a book about it.  He said it just came on him all of a sudden. The writing thing.  Wow, man he gave you a book.  Yes, and now, you know why I invited you.  He left me all his stuff.  Briefcase full of notebooks, journals, poetry and ramblings.  He had made me agree that if anything happens to get it to certain people and gave me the passwords to everything on his phone and computers.  I didn’t know it, but he had blogs, websites, and web store all over the web.

He had sold stuff on eBay, amazon, and places I’ve never heard.  He had email accounts with different names and fake Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and everywhere.  All connected and posting different things.  He had been very busy.  Writing, selling and connecting stuff. 

What was he trying to accomplish with all this? Bobby, he was trying to make some money of course and he said he love writing.  But he was looking for answers about life and death.  About God, the Devil, and Heaven and hell.  He said there was more that just the bible in all the grand universal scheme.

One night he was really krunk.  He said hell Chet, I’m already dead anyway.  I said you’re not dead you idiot. I can see you hear you and knock the shit out of you if I wanted too.  He said my body is here, but my soul is gone.  I laughed and said that’s entirely possible.  He laughed too!  Then I drank and he did what he does, and wound spending the night so he would need to drive.  He was gone when I woke up.  He left all this junk in the guest room closet with a letter in an envelope.  Britany found it and we read it.  We opened and found the letter and a last will and testament.  His freaking will.  And now he dead. That’s heavy Chet.  What’s in the will?  He didn’t have much.  But he left it to his children, sister, grandchildren, and he left me some things.

For real what did he leave?  I’m not going to tell you yet because I want to turn this over to a lawyer and executor or his will.  Okay, I understand but you said he didn’t have anything.  Yes, but he told me if he were to die that that is when he would be discovered.  Check this out, he said it happens every time.  What did he mean by that?  He said he was trying to become a famous writer and that in every life he has he dies before it happens, and he becomes famous after and his family and friends become rich.  Chet, you got to be kidding.  Nope. So, is he famous yet?  No. Not even close.  His luck is about like mine.  I’m kidding again.  My, my this is getting interesting.  What else dude. 

He left most his personal belonging and his Bama collection.  Really?  That’s a good collection.  He did love the Tide.  Doesn’t everyone.  NO.  Only the winners.

Chet, tell me what he told you about the dead rock stars.  Well like I said it’s in the book.  Have you read the book.  Yes, I have and it’s good.  Can I read it.  Not yet but you can buy it off Amazon.  How much is it?  I don’t really know.  We can check later if you  want.

I hope you will comment and let me know if it piqued your interest.  Please.


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