Secret, Secret

Tink try not to sink. I know you sank the pink. You think me a fink. Don’t blink.  Wink, wink. Remember Cassandra? Lol, I set it up. You were just a young pup. And of her son you took a sup. Yep, duped. You were really looped. But don’t worry I got the scoop. I’ll Continue reading “Secret, Secret”

Sad But Very True

Dear Barbie, I know about all of your flames. They were all the same. I even know the names. Long before googling and maps. You thought me just a sap. But you see I had a map. I bought a little device. Truck drivers hate the tracker. The Celica wore it like a jacker. I’dContinue reading “Sad But Very True”

Eyes in the Mirror

Spirit Sensation.  Soul Stream. Makes me want to scream.  It seems I’m in the zone.  So, give the dog a fucking bone.  For I’m alone.  And the pitch is the tone.  I only feel vibration.  The pill looks like a softball as it approaches the plate.  I swing for the fences, but I’m late.  The next pitch is in my wheelhouse. Continue reading “Eyes in the Mirror”

A Poem for a Troll

Example Below You never really know who your talking too. You just think you do. Example socialist media. FB, Twits, etc. Social, implies church social, etc. Social, back door man. That’s beside the point. Why ban Trump?  Who cares at this point. Stir, stir, stir, stir. Chaos, feed the trolls. Their life so boring empty.Continue reading “A Poem for a Troll”


Technology marvels. Hi-tech. Big check. Homeless hidden. Forbes next trillionaire.  Rocket men. Masses conflicted.  Addicted.  Afflicted. To nothingness in hand. A moth flames.  Videos to go. A baby. No choice. No voice. Life marches. Golden Arches. Super God-House. Steeples with day care. Iconic idols. Very idol. Vaccines, free gift cards. From hugs to drugs. SoContinue reading “Mythology”

Investing Hero

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Journey To Healing

You are the author of your own life story, what will you create?

How to find a

How to apply, How to become, How to clean, How to treat, How to prevent and how to ?

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

"I have enough time to rest, but I don't have a minute to waste". Come and catch me with your wise words and we will have some fun with our words of wisdom.