A Spiritual Awakening

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

1) Feeling of being connected to everything and everyone (humans, animals, nature, planet, universe)

2) Increase in “coincidences” and in “synchronicity” in your life

3) Increased willingness to love and give without expectations

4) Changing sleep patterns

5) Feeling of Bliss

7 Signs Your Angels are Around You

1. You find feathers where they shouldn’t be.
2. You find coins in random or unique places.
3. You keep seeing repeating numbers ie. 11:11, 1010, 333, 555.
4. You hear voices. Or you think you hear someone say your name. 5. You see rainbows.
6. You feel a sudden change in temperature. 
7. Babies or pets stare at the ceiling for no apparent reason.  Babies may smile or clap. 

Top 6 Signs You’re An Intuitive

1) You pick up on everyone’s emotions.

2) You have vivid dreams.

3) Thoughts drop into your mind from nowhere.

4) You’re prone to addiction.

5) Synchronicity stalks you.

6) You’re very discerning.

The Next Right Thing

That was the statement.  The next right thing.  I liked it immediately.  It made perfect sense to me.  That’s all anyone can do.  If you do that it’s enough.  And so, that’s what I try to do.  The next right thing.  Sometimes I think it will be a 50/50 chance that it will be the next right thing.  But you’ve got to make the decision and just do the next right thing.  And I promise and swear that will be enough. 

People say, what is right for you might not be right for me.  True.  But after you take everything into consideration what other choice do you have?  Because I believe it is always right. 

You may ask, who are you to say what is right and what is wrong?  My opinion is everyone is born with an instinct.  Instinctively people know in there heart if a thing if wrong.  The guilt will tell you that.  Therefore, if you don’t buy in to the concept of right and wrong or that people instinctively know the difference in the two posers, then my words will not reach you. 

In this day and time, it’s my opinion most people are uncaring.  And recently I have had to rethink this. That very thought is pre-judgmental.  It may be true.  But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  It warps my mind. I went in with a bad attitude.  What did I expect to be the outcome?   It is what it is.  I detest that phrase.  It was what it was, maybe.   No, it will be what I make it to be.   Because in the end I must live with me.  So, I will continue to TRY to do the next right thing. No matter what happens.  It eases my mind and seems to be working for me.

And I have found the consequences, from experience, and hard knocks, how being self-centered, dishonest, or over-bearing turns out.  I didn’t enjoy the visit and had to change my destination. 

Some may ask where did I find this little nugget?  It was a drunk that said it.  How do I know he was a drunk?  He said he was, and I believed him.  Because I was one too.  And still am.  But today I have a choice.  And partially because of the drunk.   And I would like to thank him right now.  Because he died and I never got to thank him.  So, I will do It now.  Thanks, J.O.  I love you!

So, if you’re reading this and the thought occurred.  What is wrong with me?  What can’t I stop?  I’m losing my mind.  I’m losing everything I care about and love.  Let me the first to say if no one has said it to you today, I love you, and God does too.  And there is help available. Alcoholics Anonymous without a doubt saved my life.  And the people in AA saved my life literally.  But, and yes there is always a but, it seems.  YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOU AND NO ONE ELSE.  YOU.  Do you want to be sober for you.  You can’t get sober, so your wife won’t divorce you or because you’re about to get fired.  Is your soul sick of being sick and tired.  There is help available. And if you want it, it promise it works. 

God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change.  Change the things I can. And the wisdom the know the difference.



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