Sail Away

When I sail away

No soul will miss my sway

I’m going to take a dip

A little trip

Going where no one knows my name

And of whence I came

Where they don’t look at me the same

I’m searching for fortune and fame

May as well play the game

It’s my turn to flame

I’m going to change the world

Or at least give it a whirl

I know there are no limits

Just lies and gimmicks

We live in a grand illusion

That you can exit at your choosing

But most never ask why

They just accept they cannot fly

That they’ll soon die

And they comply

But you see I’ll be the exception to all rules

You see they are the fools

So come sail with me

And be absolutely free



Published by @purplehayes

Blogger, writer, father. Thanks for all your support. I hope you'll continue to spread the word. What If We're Already in Heaven Read if free with Kindle Unlimited. Death Wishes A Short Story also available on Kindle Unlimited RGH

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