Regret is a Guarantee

What do you see when you look at me

Say what you feel, I won’t disagree

One day you’ll know you held gold dust in your hand

The memories you will not be able to withstand

Clouded with doubt you forgot to love

You listened to the wrong dove

I was the best thing you ever held

And your desire will never be quelled

You get what you give

And mistakes you must relive

The truth cuts to the bone

But lies eventually you must own

So, smile as you look at me

Your regret is a guarantee




Sail Away

When I sail away

No soul will miss my sway

I’m going to take a dip

A little trip

Going where no one knows my name

And of whence I came

Where they don’t look at me the same

I’m searching for fortune and fame

May as well play the game

It’s my turn to flame

I’m going to change the world

Or at least give it a whirl

I know there are no limits

Just lies and gimmicks

We live in a grand illusion

That you can exit at your choosing

But most never ask why

They just accept they cannot fly

That they’ll soon die

And they comply

But you see I’ll be the exception to all rules

You see they are the fools

So come sail with me

And be absolutely free




It’s Face

I don’t think I ever felt so alone

And yes I’ve got a phone

People break your heart when you least expect

Best not to get to close lest you get decked

Friends turn on you in a minute

Use you up and give you the boot

There are two things I don’t like about most of the human race

It’s face




The Big Pie

What happened to lifelong friends

A friendship sealed with blood

What happened to true love

A love to die for

What happened to a song that was our song

That meant commitment to just us

What happened to I’ve got your back

No matter what

What has happened to the soul of people

Do you feel anything for anyone

Do you even know you’re alive

The heart pumps blood to an empty vessel

A vessel someone else steers

We walk by people as if they don’t exist

Cold and listless people we have become

Numb to anything and everything

A drug for all aches, pains, brains, and change

Numb to life, numb to people

Waiting to die

Waiting on  the big pie in the sky





Some are born with a smile

Some are born with a frown

The smile have the eyes

The frowns have the lies

The smiles get the grins

The frowns get the sins

Smile for the camera

Frown get out of my picture

It’s the smile that’s grand

It’s the frown that’s sand

The smiles in demand

The frown gets the right hand

The smile eventually dies

The frown dies or is chosen





Let Me Tell You

Let me tell you about some love

Let me tell you about some Christianity

Let me tell you about innocent until proven guilty

Let me tell you about trust

Let me tell you about labels and name calling

Let me tell you about understanding

Let me tell you about friends

Let me tell you about irony

Let me tell you all about it





Feelings leave

And come back if you believe

Your senses seek

Looking for a peek

Both want to find your kind

To enhance your mind

It’s full of gold

That can’t be sold

Feelings are honest

And they come when you’re the calmest

So, let them be immodest

Because you have been promised

Open doors to a kingdom

And your dreams are waiting in the system

Waiting for your arrival

For your survival

Let your feelings flow

For God has you in tow




Breaking My Heart

It was don’t go breaking my heart

Our song, but you still broke my heart apart

Even after all this time

I hear that song and I’m in my prime

My heart skips a beat

And my smile makes it complete

A fond memory embraced

The simple thought of two, madly in love can’t be erased

I think I’ll play it once more

Maybe four

Hope you hear it too

My broken heart will always love you




Pot of Gold

You didn’t miss out on the pot of gold

It’s just on hold

You just quit dreaming

It’s still waiting screaming

And the rainbow too

So don’t be blue

You’ve got it made

In the shade

Realize you thoughts

Cause that’s what you’ve bought

You can climb high

All you’ve got to do is try

Dream that forgotten dream

Become your own team

You and I can fly

High through the sky

To a dream

That makes us beam




Teach Truth

I’m no angel

I’m a stranger

To you most likely

Everyone almost

Except the seeker

The truth seeker

He’s no angel

He’s a stranger

To you most likely

Except to me

He’s me

Hi stranger

Feel, truth seeker

Truth is no angel

Truth is a stranger

To you most likely

Truth is Torah

Torah is Truth

Teach Truth




Bang, Bang

I guess I was a poor judge of character

I guess I was your love creditor

That’s all you needed for me to trust you

Who could possibly guess you to be a shrew

And the blazing eyes full of lies that would ensue

You took forbidden and screw you to new review

Nothing was off limits it seems

I bet you still see me in your dreams

Funny the things you wind up regretting

Half you age, I know you are not forgetting

I’m a songwriter darling I sang

That was just the start bang, bang




That’s the Link

Writing for writings sake

Of writing about a clam bake

Writing is writing

If  you enjoy penning

It’s the ultimate outlet to winning

If you let it flow

Try it and you’ll glow

Just write what you think

And don’t blink

I promise you won’t sink

Or turn pink

Wink, wink

See everything is ink

That’s the link




His Love Profound

Follow me down

To the ground

I’m still around

In surround sound

Above ultra violet bound

A pure white light earthbound

See it’s just me here to astound

Follow me down

To the ground

Tell the people who drowned

You will be found

Go shout it from a mound

He is crowned

His love profound





In fact, I do have a pipeline to the One

And if I told you how I got it you might come undone

It involved an evolution

A soul revolution

It required an unwavering belief

In a God so powerful He created me in His perfect imagery

To unleash His imagination unto the world to become a template

His duplicate sword of shrewd love in a heart of fate

My thoughts have the power to rove, to create in droves

The only rule, love

Love everyone

Love your Higher self as the One

And realize you are never alone

You are never ever done

The show is always live

And the more you seek Him, the more you thrive

Anticipation is the scream machine of a ride

And you arrive when you decide to arrive

The destination goes past infinity

To divinity




Spirit of a Place

Urgent,  I must feel the spirit of a place that memories dangle

Where I was your Captain, and you my Angel

It was the place your spirit forever seeped into my soul

And it took full control

My skin on fire with the anticipation of your every touch

That special moment you announced I loved you the moment I saw you

And I looked into you eyes and knew it was true

It’s the place you told me I was the one you adored

The one you’d been waiting for

I close my eyes and see the trace of your face

And no amount of time can erase

As I recall your tender embrace

That special grace, that we created in our spirit of a place




Born This Year

If you were born in 1958.

In 1958, the world was a different place.

There was no Google yet. Or Yahoo.

In 1958 the top selling movie was South Pacific. People buying the popcorn in the cinema lobby had glazing eyes when looking at the poster.

Remember, that was before there were DVDs. Heck, even before there was VHS. People were indeed watching movies in the theatre, and not downloading them online. Imagine the packed seats, the laughter, the excitement, the novelty. And mostly all of that without 3D computer effects.

Do you know who won the Oscars that year? The academy award for the best movie went to Gigi. The Oscar for best foreign movie that year went to My Uncle. The top actor was David Niven for his role as Major Angus Pollock in Separate Tables. The top actress was Susan Hayward for her role as Barbara Graham in I Want to Live!. The best director? Vincente Minnelli for Gigi.

In the year 1958, the time when you arrived on this planet, books were still popularly read on paper, not on digital devices. Trees were felled to get the word out. The number one US bestseller of the time was Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Oh, that’s many years ago. Have you read that book? Have you heard of it?

In 1958… Egypt and Syria unite to form the United Arab Republic. The word Aerospace is coined, from the words Aircraft and Spacecraft, taking into consideration that the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is to be one, or a single realm. Gamel Abdel Nasser is nominated as the first president of the United Arab Republic. Pope Pius XII declares Saint Clare the patron saint of television. A test rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral. A peace symbol is designed and completed by Gerald Holtom, commissioned by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, in protest against the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. A British team led by Sir Vivian Fuchs completes the first crossing of the Antarctic in Snow-cat caterpillar tractors and dogsled teams in 99 days. King Baudouin of Belgium officially opens the World Fair in Brussels, also known as Expo ’58. The satellite Sputnik 2 disintegrates in space after several orbits. The U.S. Army inducts Elvis Presley, transforming The King Of Rock & Roll into U.S. private #53310761.

That was the world you were born into. Since then, you and others have changed it.

The Nobel prize for Literature that year went to Boris Pasternak. The Nobel Peace prize went to Georges Pire. The Nobel prize for physics went to Pavel Alexievich Cherenkov, Il’ ya Frank and Igor Yevgenyevich Tamm from Soviet Union for the discovery and the interpretation of the Cherenkov effect. The sensation this created was big. But it didn’t stop the planets from spinning, on and on, year by year. Years in which you would grow bigger, older, smarter, and, if you were lucky, sometimes wiser. Years in which you also lost some things. Possessions got misplaced. Memories faded. Friends parted ways. The best friends, you tried to hold on. This is what counts in life, isn’t it?

The 1950s were indeed a special decade. The American economy is on the upswing. The cold war between the US and the Soviet Union is playing out throughout the whole decade. Anti-communism prevails in the United States and leads to the Red Scare and accompanying Congressional hearings. Africa begins to become decolonized. The Korean war takes place. The Vietnam War starts. The Suez Crisis war is fought on Egyptian territory. Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and others overthrow authorities to create a communist government on Cuba. Funded by the US, reconstructions in Japan continue. In Japan, film maker Akira Kurosawa creates the movies Rashomon and Seven Samurai. The FIFA World Cups are won by Uruguay, then West Germany, then Brazil.

Do you remember the movie that was all the rage when you were 15? Paper Moon. Do you still remember the songs playing on the radio when you were 15? Maybe it was Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce. Were you in love? Who were you in love with, do you remember?

In 1958, 15 years earlier, a long time ago, the year when you were born, the song All I Have To Do Is Dream by Everly Brothers topped the US charts. Do you know the lyrics? Do you know the tune? Sing along.

When I want you in my arms
When I want you and all your charms
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream

There’s a kid outside, shouting, playing. It doesn’t care about time. It doesn’t know about time. It shouts and it plays and thinks time is forever. You were once that kid.

When you were 8, there was The Man Called Flintstone.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… it’s 1958. There’s TV noise coming from the second floor. Someone turned up the volume way too high. The sun is burning from above. These were different times. The show playing on TV is The Donna Reed Show. The sun goes down. Someone switches channels. There’s The Voice of Firestone on now. That’s the world you were born in.

Progress, year after year. Do you wonder where the world is heading towards? The technology available today would have blown your mind in 1958. Do you know what was invented in the year you were born? The Integrated Circuit. The Communications Satellite. The Implantable Pacemaker.

I rolled off the line
In Detroit back in 1958
Spent three days in the showroom
That’s all I had to wait

That’s from the song Rusty Old American Dream by David Wilcox.

In 1958, a new character entered the world of comic books: Mr. Freeze. Bang! Boom! But that’s just fiction, right? In the real world, in 1958, Andie MacDowell was born. And Belinda Carlisle. Madonna, too. And you, of course. Everyone an individual. Everyone special. Everyone taking a different path through life.
It’s 2021.

The world is a different place.

What path have you taken?

Really cool site:

What happened in my birth year?


Not That is This 19662 Misdials

Smile and Follow Me Down Rhyme

Tell All the People, follow me,  follow me down.

This is Not That

The name of this file

It’s not my nine 06 over 62 misdials

What does that even mean

It means some thang

Goll dang

No twang

Not any

Many twang

That twung

Even Tsung

Ok nothing but

A tip of Twang





No dell




Tastes great

Less fillin’


Different nevervous

No commecialie

No commercialite


I always right

First thought

First bought

Never sought


Coming in hot

Not Haught

Or Halt


Like You


For Two

Or Through

To you 2

Are you fuckin’ thru

Hell, no areu

Maybe baby u

Who knew

Are U


No not me, you

I sees me threes

Aces and eights

Bullets forever

Endever End over

Ben B Over or dover

You decide over


Chase your tail

Without fail

No trail

Chase your trail







Bye males and fees

Poetry by

Roger Glyn Hayes

This is


New Moon

Over Miami

Say it one more


This little rhymey

I know I out of my


And I don’t mindy













Wolf I Adore

Video sharing to report and import the news

Creating fiction and the blues

A blurb, word or two

The world is on fire today just for you

The Senator from Maine the burb Derry

He’s very, very inflamed and not berry cherry

He claims the system of mind control to be lame

But most insist he’s vain or a dimwit looking to make a name

Insane or living on a gravy train full of bribes and free rides

Or Limbaugh touting, gun toting, footnoting scribes

Evil doers, who tote a bible or gun, and are a son-of a-gun , not a bone of liberal

Chumps, dumb as a rock, and jumping stumps, just like his rival

Can I be arrest him for slander or libel

No, but the grand he was bribed y’all

Whose side is he on you all

Hell, if I know, what’s he talking about

But he sure seems to shout

He said, and I quote Mabel if you’re able

Lose the label and get the bible of the table

For we have a chore

To kill the wolf, I adore and who is at your door




They Call Me Unfiltered

Unfiltered they say of me

Must be my generosity

Possibly my modesty

Either way I’ve got to say

Honesty should be served by the pound

Tastes great all around

Like water in the ground

They Call Me Unfiltered, an Odyssey

They Call Me Unfiltered ah flitter

I once thought I was wrong

But I was mistaken

Hope you’re not shaken

But I’ll not be taken

Your filter is not my filter

I have a right to say what I will sir

You are the one that points first

Like a noisy bully whose been rehearsed

They Call Me Unfiltered, an Odyssey

They Call Me Unfiltered don’t need a sitter

If you disagree with the unfiltered me

Cry me a river and hear my plea

I have a right to say it

Or delay it

Either way I’m okay with it

So, have your fit and try to sit spin on it

I don’t give one big shit

They Call Me Unfiltered , an Odyssey

They Call Me Unfiltered ah flitter

I’ll see you when I finish my sentence

Truth don’t need a filter or penance

When the world’s on fire it will still be on twitter

I’m tired of being the dirty filthy critter

And for sure I’m no quitter

They Call Me Unfiltered, an Odyssey

They Call Me Unfiltered ah flitter

Call me what you will

And we can just agree

To walk the fuck away to opposite trees

Maybe one day you walk in my capri’s

And now how it feels to be me

They Call Me Unfiltered, an Odyssey

They Call Me Unfiltered ah flitter

I know your name, I know your game

And I think it’s a damn shame

And I know a lane brain

Or a loaded finger pointing at the insane

leading people down a sewer drain

On a fix that’s been in and already ingrained




You, You

Bobbie you gonna be my baby, my baby, just me and you, you make think of you, all day you, I’m gonna buy a diamond ring for you, just you, I know I got too, got too got to get you, got to have you, and so we will have me by you, you I don’t give a damn how you do you, got to give me a try you, got to have you, for my very own you,  got to have you beside me and on my side you, God must of designed you just for me to find you, gonna go to Winslow, gonna make a halo, for Glenn Frey and show you, and oh, oh got to have you just for my very own right now you, gonna look in the lost and found as long as I’m around too, for you,  just for you and only you  so you know I’ll be kind too you always, you cause you remind me of you, and only you, and I’m so  lucky I met you, you, you a perfect kind of fine you, I can’t wait till I surround you, take you around town you, you have such a gorgeous mind too, see you soon you) Break on through to other side you.  I’m gonna take a choo, choo just for you, you, I hope I don’t confuse you, I am so enthused with you, I know your eyes have seen me and thought you knew we’d be the perfect fit you.  So come and sit you.  Me and you make a complete one you.




Glad I Told You Moment

I got some news for you I’ll tell you in a moment

Got to hold on to each and moment

Meant to tell ya about the moment

Is sometimes a curious or even a furious moment

And its gone in instantly it seems as if it was a bestowed moment

Let go and hold the moment for a moment

You know, create a perfect movie moment

The fleeting moment just make it a continuous everlasting moment

Take it and bank mint it print it’s already sent it the moment

The monumental foment. No not in our moment

A remembering resembling a past moment

Nothing but firmament and permanent to go moment

A no waiting heaven sent moment, in a moment

A perfect understanding, defining moment

So, throw away torment and don’t lament the moment

Go for the mom o mental everlasting tribute moment

Just for you, a moment meant to carry on my wayward one moment

And be sure you format your moment in momentum just right for the moment

Cause we’ll be here for the next untuned moment

It’s a meant to be, a Charlie tuna moment

A great tasting moment, Charlie made the moment

Glad I told ya about the moment




Secret, Sucrets, Secretes, and Cigarettes

There are no secrets.

Plenty of Sucrets that secretes a poison pill.

Do you have a secret regret Dr. Phil.

I bet you do.

You think me a weak link, wink.

Don’t blink. For there are secrets are all around.

Under the ground.

Remember the wall.

Remember the bailout.

Immigration. Elimination.

For years it’s been the same shit.

They for sure recycle that pit.

Damn, a party of pitiful misfits.

Constitution full of a notion.

A rambling preamble a lotion.

Bill of rights, words in slow motion.

Star spangled banner,  a song without a potion.

Infatuation, with strangulation, bling dissatisfaction, homeless occupation, a nation with no imagination.

A nation of mammoth secrets, kept from the simpletons by the tons by the Huns.

Washing  a ton.  That’s what we do for fun.

How are yawl?  Be sure to vote for Rep Paul.

He always stands tall. And if you like having a ball, why just call Saul.

He will bring the pork to a fork near you, we are truly enthralled.

Yea, sure Paul. I got you all.  Stall, stall, mall, by all means loll.

Let them play secret Sucrets. Just turn off tune it out and smoke a cigar-rat.

Or something neat, oh well, do tell, you know, something maybe in tweed.

Secrets secretes, leaks and oozes, creeps and poses even amuses.

Hate and bait.  Hell, or jail. Never fails.

Just for you and your family’s fate.

Be sure to participate.

That is what they sell. They must all be dumb as hell.

Secret, Secretes.

Can you keep a secret?

I’ve got an answer. Nay, nay.

Hey, Hey.

But I am just a tiny dancer.

A little man.  A no name nomad.

I have no fans big Dan.

But no secrets here money advancer.

Divide and conquer is your game.

Damn shame.

They want it all. After all.

They took it all. Without a call.

Just last fall. I was there and saw it all.

Here’s what we want.

I know you won’t ask.

Here’s the task.

First no mask.

Then solve our issues.

Give us some opus.

Quit trying to dope us.

With Sucrets with side effects that would kill Gus on the damn bus.

Show us you love us.  Love bus, now you are talking Gus.

Get rid of the corruption, in a rush.

That might cause a disruption, hope we make you blush.

Stop the hate and recreate, shush.  Your turn.

Let the people create with some hope and a destiny that awaits.

A non-secret reasonably happy world for all of us.

Stop the same old rainbow noise.  Any noise spectrum!

Get rid of the good old boys and even the girls.

Show us some bold for our soul.

This shit is getting so old.

Secrets, Sucrets.

We’re tired of the same Sucrets and secrets.

And regrets, regression, aggression and depression.

Who is ready for success and succession?

Secrets, secretes.

What’s the secret.

I know the secrets. Sucrets secretly suck.

It’s not cigarettes and secret alphabets.

It’s dead rat’s and dead fat cats and don’t forget dead bats.

In the D.C.  the land of Deceivers and Criminals.  You guys need to get busy as a bee.

Secret is we’ve been played like a fiddle.

Naysayers are told not to pray it’s all a riddle.

Social distancing.  Sounded anti-social all along we’ve been secretly diddled.

Use socialist networks comrade, you don’t say?

Stay at least six feet away.

But you’ve still got to pay to play.

But do not pray for you or for say thee.

So, I got a secret for you, Jose’.

Secrets, Sucrets, secretes poison gas for my people.

I’ve got a secret pool with no rules.

A secret drowning pool for trolls and tools.

A spool for fools with secret rules.

Just for D.C. to duel.

Secret, secretes.

Cancel culture.

Just vultures.

How about this.

Cancel all secret groups and agenda’s

Do a step four. Cancel the lobbyist.

The bribe hobbyist.

And the super-pact attack.

Because we’re going to show you the door.

Honestly, you have become such a bore.




Enjoy the Blast

Bianca in June,

Sitting in Bama with jacket on wanting to spoon.

I must be crazy as a loon.

The weathers a real boon.

Can’t wait till noon.

The signs we dismiss.

Maybe keep a list.

Ah Christ,

I eat too much rice.

You’re not very nice.

Well hell.

Do you hear a bell.

No, What have you to sell?

It’s just a cell in a jail.

Think you’ll make bail.

No?  Nails??

Too bad for your sails.

It fell, the sail well hell.

You never saw the fall?

Of all the gall.

Do you feel a little small Saul or was it Paul?

No prob, have a ball.

And don’t forget to call you all.

When you’re declawed.

Mauled and de-balled.

No brawls, to many fools enthralled.

After all. Tall and cool.

Lightly toasted hold the roasted.

Boasted be sure to post it.

With the most it.

And dose it.

“In case you are encased in Emergency Break Glass Foolish Lass”.

I’ll pass—Gas. 

And surpass mighty fast and continue to last.

Enjoy the blast.




Secret, Secret

Tink try not to sink.

I know you sank the pink.

You think me a fink.

Don’t blink.  Wink, wink.

Remember Cassandra?

Lol, I set it up.

You were just a young pup.

And of her son you took a sup.

Yep, duped.

You were really looped.

But don’t worry I got the scoop.

I’ll  take the tip in cash.

Or PayPal hash.

Even Patreon in a flash.

The Eva visit to mommy dearest.

Lucky for you there was no arrest.

I know you did you best.

Or was it breast?

You got some that time too.

Ah, the chosen few.

I regret to inform I could never keep a secret.

Secret, secret, I got a secret.

And tell AM Hines is dying on the vine.

Sorry for the design.

But I’m doing just fine.

Hope you lose your mind.

Don’t get mad.

Lie some more, I know it’s just a fad.

Just like mommy dearest and daddy gonad.



Forever in the cloud.

Proud and loud.


Jewel of a Metaphor

I dropped in on you last night

I noticed your head on the floor.

Rats played pool with your eyes.

Death is a good disguise for you.

It fits you like a glove.

You should have learned to love.

Not push and shove.

Obits are written to be read.

Don’t let words know you’re dead.

Long winded verses.

Long winded curses.

Oh, Lord please have…




Not Lower Alabama

Headed to L.A.

Just signed my contract today.

They’re gonna put in a movie.

I think it’s kind of groovy.

They’re gonna let me sing.

And get some bling.

I can rap about some crap.

And not get caught in any trap.

Just like Rocky and Asap.

I know the Holy Ghost is in.

As if we were twins.

Want to buy a bookie?

I’ll even give you the URL cookie.

Ah, come on give a lookie.




Sad But Very True

Dear Barbie,

I know about all of your flames.

They were all the same.

I even know the names.

Long before googling and maps.

You thought me just a sap.

But you see I had a map.

I bought a little device.

Truck drivers hate the tracker.

The Celica wore it like a jacker.

I’d take the GPS and I have no doubts.

You see I downloaded your routes.

Gee whiz you got around.

To about every guy in town.

Hah, I knew it all along.

You know Poolie died, did he tell me wrong?

It was sure a crafty deal.

You even had Austin peel.

Too bad he has the cancer.

Shucks with no rancor.

I know about you leaky faucet.

Glad you lost it.

Remember at the Pizza and Sub he called.

You had to go pay the bill at the antique mall.

No? Oh, right you played ball.

Those who can’t trust deceive.

Hope you happiness is bereaved.

And dead rabbit you receive.

So best of luck with Chuck.

Just smile and nod, I know you like to smuckty, smuck, smuck.

Just my luck…

Thank you Yeshua!

For the the trail ways highway.

I can’t wait for it to go viral.

Who would have thunk, try not to spiral.

Karma awaits with a funeral pyre.

Break on through to the other side

Cause you and all your bitches lied.

K Dawn lied to poor mark us, yep, she took a ride.

When down low on the slide on a wild ride.

She didn’t visit Barbie in Eva.

She went to see another retriever.

Like mom like step-cat.

I know it’s hard to handle, want to borrow a bat?

His name was Randle.

Or some other handle.

Sad but very true.

Go ahead sue.

BTW, fuck you.

Here’s to you Mrs. Rob-in-son-boto.

Try not to blow snoto.




Eyes in the Mirror

Spirit Sensation. 

Soul Stream.

Makes me want to scream. 

It seems I’m in the zone. 

So, give the dog a fucking bone. 

For I’m alone. 

And the pitch is the tone. 

I only feel vibration. 

The pill looks like a softball as it approaches the plate. 

I swing for the fences, but I’m late. 

The next pitch is in my wheelhouse. 

And I rip it like Strauss. 

It’s going, going, gone. 

And every pitch from now on is a clone. 

Move over number 44. 

I am the next King. 

I have my Wings. 

I am the Lizard King.

I can do anything.

Especially this writing thang.

Cause the eyes in the mirror won’t stop.



Your Turn

If revenge is best served cold.

I’ll wait for justice to be served al carte.

I know it’s hard to swallow.

The taste bitter like liquor, a poison proof.

Justice is similar to an alcoholic’s last shot.

It pierces the brain and executes system shutdown.

Would you like to do shots?

You go first. Afraid?

Ok, I’ll start.

Tastes like Kool-Aid.

Your turn…




No Kodachrome

No Kodachrome.

No disco foam.

Snowflakes sick in your home.

The pope has 73 names.

Demon rats full of shame.

Many rivers dry with a moan.

Filthy minds surf in a dome.

Rich kneeling fellows play cellos alone.

Commanded underneath super rich that bellow.

Pandemics kill and slaughter.

I had sex with your daughter.

People showing no remorse, navigating an empty course.

Using to much force.

When is the divorce?

The sky is falling.

Chicken little was too busy  balling.

I saw the light.

Of course, L.E.D. and not very bright.

I hope I see you tomorrow.

Just ring when you’re full of sorrow.

Please, a bible may I borrow.

Just steal one from the Blues Motel.

The Gideons buy them by the wheelbarrow.

The world is totally uncorked.

Take a right at the crossroads fork.

I’m broke but leaving town.

Before they delete all the nouns.

You see that’s me a noun, don’t frown.




My Face

Long winded verses.

Long winded curses…

He came on a Persian Night.

A baby born star-crossed.

Your passion a rock of fire.

The Chosen one.

Today I write this tribute.

For the One who is still around.

My imagination knows His image will never die.

His holy spirit etched in my soul.

For you I kept searching, seeing, freeing, believing feeling

For only you my dear brother.

Thanks to you my brother I kept thinking, feeling, seeking, preaching.

With the hopes I somehow make your proud.

I know I’ll never be half the man you were.

I know I’ll never feel the pain you endured.

But I would have volunteered to take your place.

So I hope you feel Your tears streaming down my face.

Tears of joy for your grace.




A Rap A$AP

I knew it was over when morality skipped town.

The trolls abound.

They make a hateful sound.

They’re so much better.

Smarter, you are the gamechanger.

The word rearranger.

The finger pointer.  

The one who screwed this joint.

You hate you bait.

You fish you diss.

If we disagree, I’m this I’m that. I’m fat.

We know about brain washing.

Subliminal bullshit and truth bashing.

You want everyone in chains.

Especially those believe His name.

The good who love with heart.

And respect everyone’s part.

So, we laugh, we wait.

We create and wait to fulfill fate. 

We even know who you are.

You are from afar.

But you see I’m calling you out.

So don’t pout.  Don’t doubt.

When you come for us.

Better eat your Wheaties, Gus.

Drink a red bull.  Bring the law.

Bring the guard.  Pack a lunch and gnaw.

We ain’t scared.

It will be unfair.

You wanted it. You got it.

The world is yours so chill, sit.

It’s not enough creampuff.

Cause we have the right stuff.

And I failed to mention.

Some folks pay attention.

We know right from wrong.

That’s our song.

Keep preaching hate.

You see we have a date.

With fate.

You read the bible Ringo?

I know a fable for fools.

We know you changed some parts.

But we know truth is in our heart.

We got the numbers.

So, bring the thunder.

But you see we got a secret weapon.

We are selected, protected.

We ain’t scared we’ve already been rejected.

In fact, get on with Ringo.

That is if you have bingo.

Demon rat or replicon.

A duck is a duck.              

You just count the quacks while I fuck.

No, we’re tired of ducking.

And sucking.

This time we gonna do the plucking.

He’s not floating down on a cloud.

He’s been here forever toking on some loud.

We’re not a sap.

We heard A$AP rap.



“Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” I been sayin’ that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, it meant your ass. I never really questioned what it meant. I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice. Now I’m thinkin’: it could mean you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. .45 here, he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could be you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin, Ringo. I’m trying’ really hard to be the shepherd.

Pulp Fiction



Bossy Saucy

I went back.

To the future.

No more Facebook.

No more Walmart.

No more Coke. Remember “New Coke”.

Guess not.

No more woke trolls.

That all went broke.

Something invented a newer, better.

Everything. And not anyone missed them.

And life was cool again.

Be careful messing with words.

Bossy saucy.




A Poem for a Troll

Example Below

You never really know who your talking too.

You just think you do.

Example socialist media. FB, Twits, etc.

Social, implies church social, etc.

Social, back door man.

That’s beside the point.

Why ban Trump? 

Who cares at this point.

Stir, stir, stir, stir.

Chaos, feed the trolls.

Their life so boring empty.

I never supported the pig Rump, I quote.

BTW, he be gone. Joey B in charge.

Omg, you’re so wonderful.

Small troll.  100 likes, life complete.

My life completely empty.

By then only harassment.


It’s a secret Mr. Price Patrol.

You got what you want.

Smoke ’em if you got ‘em.


But I don’t agree.  I’ll give you a tip.

Your opinion stfu dumb ass X3. FB computer agrees.

So knowledgeable, so well thought out.

Then you stand up to Pathetic troll.

FB post deleted.

Violates fb standards.

I got initials for u too troll.

FFB FUAndIf we meet I shall kick your EFing ass.

Want my address?

Cause I googled you, you tub of goo.

We don’t play your troll B.S. in Bama.

I doubt you read it. LOL

To busy trolling.

Oh, makes no sense.


I’m the narrator guy.

It’s a poem.

I’m an artist, that’s how we roll troll.

And I did try to take the high road.






Technology marvels. Hi-tech. Big check.

Homeless hidden.

Forbes next trillionaire.  Rocket men.

Masses conflicted.  Addicted.  Afflicted.

To nothingness in hand.

A moth flames.  Videos to go.

A baby. No choice.

No voice.

Life marches.

Golden Arches.

Super God-House.

Steeples with day care.

Iconic idols.

Very idol.

Vaccines, free gift cards.

From hugs to drugs.

So smug.

Party on dude.






This Year

From our inception.

Deception has changed perception.

If I said Heaven is around.

Right on this earthly ground.

You do not need to die.

All you must do is try to comply.

Forget what you know.

Look for a Son aglow.

His seeds He has bestowed.

You think me crazy.

I counter, your mind is hazy.

You’ve heard it’s in the sky.

Where the bird’s fly.

Or it’s hidden.

The preacher said I’m forbidden.

Open those amber eyes.

Uncloak pious lies.

Oh, I’ve already located hell.

It’s over hill and dell.

It is concealed.

In a veil of a Potter’s Field.

So, follow your essences’ gaze.

And set your spirit ablaze.

Nirvana laced in Angels will appear.

Right here, right now, this year.




I Guarantee

You left me all alone.

Now you seem happy as can be.

You didn’t even throw me a bone.

You’ve got a new love I see.

I wish I could condone.

I thought our love was key.

And your memory still makes me moan.

I wonder what happened to you and me.

If I could only get a loan.

To buy a new heart you destroyed completely.

Because mine has turned to stone.

That I guarantee.




Must I Tell You Why

Must I tell you why.

Why I pry.

Must I tell you why.

Why they lie.

Must I tell you why.

Why you hide.

Must I tell you why.

Why I abide.

Must I tell you why.

Why I tried.

Must I tell you why.

Why I cry.

Must I tell you why.

Why I decide.

Must I tell you why.

Why I died.

Must I tell you why.

Why I rise.

Must I tell you why.

Why your pride disqualified.




Alas, A Lass

This is for the ones that hate Trump.

I agree he was a bit of a rump.

And he had the gall.

But at least he had a set of balls.

Haters gonna hate.

When they take away your rights, pretend it’s fate.

I know no one will share this on Face-took.

But you’ll wish you had when your goose it cooked.

And when the demo-rats,

Leave you with a flat, a rat-tat-tat.

You’ll see he was the lesser of two evils.

The election they stole, just the beginning of the upheaval.

Trump is outta the picture.

So shut the stricture.

Biden’s in charge of your kids future.

Your rumored future, of course, included are free sutures.

For the dependent class.

Alas, can we get a thinking cap for a lass?




A Soul Freed

I keep answering the bell.

Sometimes it’s Hell’s Bells.

But that’s only a part.

Of my lonely heart.

So many contradictions.

So many benedictions.

Yes, at times I followed the wrong God’s home.

And they didn’t even throw me a bone.

I’m a feral animal in danger.

Nothing but a scavenger.

Where will it lead.

To the conclusions agreed.

Or just a dead mans deed.

Or a dream fulfilled, my soul freed.





Travel first to soft asylum.

To a place of your choosing in time.

Rewire your mind.

Feel your hearts twine unwind.

You will find heaven on the vine.

God planted the garden so divine.

Along the never-ending road look for a sign.

Eyes wide open not blind.

For you are the grand design.

That He sees and His love binds.




Just Saying

Marriage, kids, bills, life takes its toll.

Our problem was never sex.

You even said we clicked in bed.

But you said things were dull and we needed a spark.

What a man and his wife does behind closed doors.

I understand, a little this a little that.

Dirty talk, I’ll let you do this and if you’ll let me do that.

I’ll even let you go first.  But be forewarned no names.

Whoops his name just slipped baby.

Oh, shut up,  he’s your best friend and not my type,

Just a cocky player.

He’s sick comes on to every woman. 

Your words said that but your body well it said something else.

Then I mentioned your hot single lesbian friend.

She hates guys.  She into women.

I’ve been trying to talk to her.

Her latest thing is she seduced a married woman.

She’s sick but I keep trying to get her help.

It’s so sad this married woman just uses her for her on sexual pleasure.

Is this someone I know. 

I have no idea.  Your body does not lie as well as you mouth.

I’ll be damn.  I don’t remember agreeing to a one-sided open marriage.

No wonder you needed a spark.  Hell, we need a flame thrower.

You’re probably a little torched yourself.  Pun intended.

I won’t even ask you about the travel ball weekend.

You remember you went early because you forgot to make a reservation.

And all the coaches had a pre tourney meeting.

The wives would be along the next day.

But it snowed all night.

No tourney and you all got snowed in.

You called to check on me late that night and tell me how bored you were.

You said all the kids went out and played in the snow.

While you and a mom you didn’t like got stuck inside.

You had to listen to all the glory days the coaches had.

Boring, boring, and I wish you were here.

But the two of you mom’s wound up being the coaches favorite.

And best buds except when her husband or I were there.

You both seemed agitated on edge even.

I could see where you could get bored at the game.

I know, let me guess,  you work for Penthouse forum.

Oh baby, you’re talking dirty now.

I loved to read those, but hell, I didn’t know you were the one writing them.

From ongoing experience.

Dang, I did need a change,  a spark myself.

I can see that I still light your fire.

And you do love everyone.

But do you think He meant that literally?

Just saying…



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