Funny Money

I’m listening.

Talk to me.

I hear a whisper.

Scream so I can hear.

That’s it. There you go.

You are singing my song.

Come on. Commit.

Get the rhythm or the blues.

Look for the one with green eyes.

The Tiffany twisted eyes.

Let me watch you strut.

And hear you screech.

Bring to halt doubts.

About registering some cash.

Let them hear  elementary money talk.

Any language of coins.

As long it will fold.

We’ll find a way to spend it.

So, voice send it.

I’ll be your pay pal.  Let debit your apple pay hot stuff.

And you can google my pay all day.

I was born to boogie. I got the boogie-woogie cold hard cash seeing green blues.

Money to burn.

Cash for trash.

Bills for thrills.

And a dollar to make you holler.

I’m done working for a handful of dimes.

Punching my ticket to riches and new britches.

Ha!  Thought I was going to say I need two phones.

One for plug one for the load.

One for a female cat one for the dough dog.

Cute aren’t I.

Money, money.

Yea I know it Mony, mony.

I like my version better.

Money is the root of all evil.

No, it’s the love of money that is evil.

You win some you lose some.

Show me the money I got ramble.

I got to gamble. Don’t give that one last silver dollar.

I  don’t need change I need folding money.

Mad money, furious money, slush fund money.

No petty cash unless it leads to Fort Knox.

Along the way throw in the chicks for free.

Money for nothing.

You keep the shaft.

And I’ll take the gold mine.

I knew  you wouldn’t mind.

Cause I’ll share.

Trust funds for everyone.

You daughters and son of guns.

That was some funny money.

You know fake cash with Trump 2020.

The newest Biden with the Mask of Blade.

Speaking of grass.  Alas.

Green keep it coming.

I’m through thumbing.

Are  we clear?  Keep it humming you are crystal clear.

I want to be rich. I want to be rich.  Sing it.

Charlie Rich,  Johnny Cash, Eddie Money there all here.

They told me where to hear you sing and you’ll give me easy money on Easy Street.

Down Cash for Free Lane.  Take a left on Abundance Tree Avenue.  No Dead Presidents Ends.

In this 411Town. Only Powerball winners for life.  Money it’s what’s in my wallet.  Cash back free miles of smiles

Marvelous. Marvelous.  Money, millions, billions, trillions,  what’s in a name.

My stash.  Let’s throw a bash.  Got plenty of hash.  Got tons of jack, hack, and fins. 

Life is funny when you have tons of money. 

I know of what you think.  Money won’t buy happiness.

 It won’t but it will put it on layaway.

I spent half my life unhappy.  Might as well test that theory.  I’m ready.

  Here I am. Rock me with a Money Hurricane. 



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