Spell Funky First

The words came first Who created the words Each of us as we arrived (born) How, instant, record, play, sim, Why, not why, just is. Not even creator knows. Words first, word first, first word, Computers first word Or computers first, no word first Word first, cloud rain scrabble letters. Creator mad. Send flunky toContinue reading “Spell Funky First”

Walk Away

Blacklist me.   Walk Away. Curse me.       Walk Away. Bully me.           Walk Away. Evict me.           Walk Away. Analyze me.       Walk Away. Materialize me. Walk Away. Number me.       Walk Away. Restrain me. Walk Away. Mask me. Walk away. Distance me. Walk away. Lie to me. Walk away. Limit me. Walk away. DestroyContinue reading “Walk Away”

The Cloud of the Watcher

Watchers watch. Watches watch. The watch of the watchers. The watcher hides behind the cloud. What are you hiding for? I’m afraid to let anyone see I’m watching. I see, you’re ashamed of what you’re watching. No, I’m just ashamed. What are you ashamed of? Everything, but mostly for being born. RGH 12/15/2020

*Five Trick Kings*

Five trick kings.  With a ring on a wing of an eagle prayer flies through the window of the doors of perception. And the mirror of illusion that leads to a Kingdom of Kings. Forty years and 20 spears lead to one King.  A King with two rings for the second time around. He circlesContinue reading “*Five Trick Kings*”

Waiting, Waiting

Waiting, Waiting Propagating. A theory about fating. While others are baiting. I keep waiting, waiting. Others seem to have found the Gating. But to my surprise they are not celebrating. Waiting, waiting. That empty feeling of not rating. I think I’ve found it but it’s abating. Time can be terminating. Waiting, waiting. Its, frustrating, grating.Continue reading “Waiting, Waiting”

To Ashes

Wishful Sinful Fuck The walls are crumbling. You stand there stumbling. And you sit and wish. Wishful Sinful fuck. Looking for satisfaction. Wishes and fools. Candy and nuts. Wishful Sinful Fuck Say goodbye to Hollywood. You hopeless loser. Boozer. Wishful Sinful Fuck As you stare into the mirror, Sweet emotion tells you goodbye. Goodbye youContinue reading “To Ashes”

Investing Hero

Stocks, Investing, Crypto, Bitcoin

Heartwritten Story of a Daughter

—By Gabriele Schmetterling Richter

leeg schrift


Peace ✌Love 💛 Light🌕

Through our individual experiences, we can share and heal ourselves and help others in the process.

How to find a

How to apply, How to become, How to clean, How to treat, How to prevent and how to ?

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

"I have enough time to rest, but I don't have a minute to waste". Come and catch me with your wise words and we will have some fun with our words of wisdom.