Pot of Gold

You didn’t miss out on the pot of gold It’s just on hold You just quit dreaming It’s still waiting screaming And the rainbow too So don’t be blue You’ve got it made In the shade Realize you thoughts Cause that’s what you’ve bought You can climb high All you’ve got to do is tryContinue reading “Pot of Gold”

*Five Trick Kings*

Five trick kings.  With a ring on a wing of an eagle prayer flies through the window of the doors of perception. And the mirror of illusion that leads to a Kingdom of Kings. Forty years and 20 spears lead to one King.  A King with two rings for the second time around. He circlesContinue reading “*Five Trick Kings*”

Groovy Situation

Lights arise and delight and fly We are going to change the world. Starting tonight Right now.  With one word. One little groovy word. I’m tired of feeling hollow. Groovy that’s the word. But we’re just going to cut to chase. Just name everyone Groovy. No numbers except a Groovy one.  Is that Groovy orContinue reading “Groovy Situation”

Investing Hero

Stocks, Investing, Crypto, Bitcoin

Heartwritten Story of a Daughter

—By Gabriele Schmetterling Richter

leeg schrift


Journey To Healing

You are the author of your own life story, what will you create?

How to find a

How to apply, How to become, How to clean, How to treat, How to prevent and how to ?

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

"I have enough time to rest, but I don't have a minute to waste". Come and catch me with your wise words and we will have some fun with our words of wisdom.