Show the Way

Show the Way Homeless people. Hopeless people. We build crystal churches, More super God houses. We pray to do the right thing, Give money to the church. Buy salvation? Ten percent. Tithes and offerings. While senior and children go hungry. And the sick get sicker. Can’t you see, It’s all a farce. Stand up forContinue reading “Show the Way”

His Majesty of Love

He pondered his legacy. Somewhat testily. They would never call him your majesty. At times he felt his life a travesty. But then an aha moment. And he took it as an omen. He’d always tried to love. And felt yes that fits like a glove. So that’s what he’d weave. And eventually, leave. HisContinue reading “His Majesty of Love”

Want to Trade Lives

My life sux he said. I’d just as soon be dead. I replied, want to trade lives? As he searched my eyes. I have that power. So don’t cower. It’s not forever. And I can make it all better. How would you do that? Oh, well I wouldn’t stand pat. I’d open my heart. AndContinue reading “Want to Trade Lives”

If My Dreams Came True

If all my dreams come true, Would I cease to be blue? Would I be undaunted? If I got everything I wanted? Surely life would improve. And I’d find my groove. Or would more problems ensue? I just have more to see to. So I’ll just be happy here. And spread some cheer. And ifContinue reading “If My Dreams Came True”

A Son

I prayed to have a son. Oh, how we’d have fun. He would carry on my name. And feel no shame. I could watch him grow. And he’d make me smile when I was low. I’d teach him to skate, And I know he’d be great. I’d buy him a baseball glove, And teach himContinue reading “A Son”

Spiritually Connected

Feeling connected? Well, you’ve been selected. He came to me in a vision, And told me of our special mission. He said let it begin. For it never ends. Forget life as you know it to be. And serve the One you can’t see. Heaven awaits. So walk thru the gate. You’ll never be deselected.Continue reading “Spiritually Connected”

Emotional Paradise

It seemed I had but two emotions. But then I received a potion. Anger or feat, To the point, I couldn’t care. So I dug a hole, Straight to my soul. The potion hit me like a ton. And it made me see the sun. It smiled and said, Before long you’ll be dead. PleaseContinue reading “Emotional Paradise”

Reversed the Past

After all the damage was already done to you. You always thought you’d pass it on to them. The fear was always there. But life’s struggles got in the way of it stopping, you mused. But then a moment of clarity in the twilight. In your heart, you knew you’d stopped the cycle. You hadContinue reading “Reversed the Past”

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Heartwritten Story of a Daughter

—By Gabriele Schmetterling Richter

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Through our individual experiences, we can share and heal ourselves and help others in the process.

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Silent Songs of Sonsnow

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