Secret, Sucrets, Secretes, and Cigarettes

There are no secrets.

Plenty of Sucrets that secretes a poison pill.

Do you have a secret regret Dr. Phil.

I bet you do.

You think me a weak link, wink.

Don’t blink. For there are secrets are all around.

Under the ground.

Remember the wall.

Remember the bailout.

Immigration. Elimination.

For years it’s been the same shit.

They for sure recycle that pit.

Damn, a party of pitiful misfits.

Constitution full of a notion.

A rambling preamble a lotion.

Bill of rights, words in slow motion.

Star spangled banner,  a song without a potion.

Infatuation, with strangulation, bling dissatisfaction, homeless occupation, a nation with no imagination.

A nation of mammoth secrets, kept from the simpletons by the tons by the Huns.

Washing  a ton.  That’s what we do for fun.

How are yawl?  Be sure to vote for Rep Paul.

He always stands tall. And if you like having a ball, why just call Saul.

He will bring the pork to a fork near you, we are truly enthralled.

Yea, sure Paul. I got you all.  Stall, stall, mall, by all means loll.

Let them play secret Sucrets. Just turn off tune it out and smoke a cigar-rat.

Or something neat, oh well, do tell, you know, something maybe in tweed.

Secrets secretes, leaks and oozes, creeps and poses even amuses.

Hate and bait.  Hell, or jail. Never fails.

Just for you and your family’s fate.

Be sure to participate.

That is what they sell. They must all be dumb as hell.

Secret, Secretes.

Can you keep a secret?

I’ve got an answer. Nay, nay.

Hey, Hey.

But I am just a tiny dancer.

A little man.  A no name nomad.

I have no fans big Dan.

But no secrets here money advancer.

Divide and conquer is your game.

Damn shame.

They want it all. After all.

They took it all. Without a call.

Just last fall. I was there and saw it all.

Here’s what we want.

I know you won’t ask.

Here’s the task.

First no mask.

Then solve our issues.

Give us some opus.

Quit trying to dope us.

With Sucrets with side effects that would kill Gus on the damn bus.

Show us you love us.  Love bus, now you are talking Gus.

Get rid of the corruption, in a rush.

That might cause a disruption, hope we make you blush.

Stop the hate and recreate, shush.  Your turn.

Let the people create with some hope and a destiny that awaits.

A non-secret reasonably happy world for all of us.

Stop the same old rainbow noise.  Any noise spectrum!

Get rid of the good old boys and even the girls.

Show us some bold for our soul.

This shit is getting so old.

Secrets, Sucrets.

We’re tired of the same Sucrets and secrets.

And regrets, regression, aggression and depression.

Who is ready for success and succession?

Secrets, secretes.

What’s the secret.

I know the secrets. Sucrets secretly suck.

It’s not cigarettes and secret alphabets.

It’s dead rat’s and dead fat cats and don’t forget dead bats.

In the D.C.  the land of Deceivers and Criminals.  You guys need to get busy as a bee.

Secret is we’ve been played like a fiddle.

Naysayers are told not to pray it’s all a riddle.

Social distancing.  Sounded anti-social all along we’ve been secretly diddled.

Use socialist networks comrade, you don’t say?

Stay at least six feet away.

But you’ve still got to pay to play.

But do not pray for you or for say thee.

So, I got a secret for you, Jose’.

Secrets, Sucrets, secretes poison gas for my people.

I’ve got a secret pool with no rules.

A secret drowning pool for trolls and tools.

A spool for fools with secret rules.

Just for D.C. to duel.

Secret, secretes.

Cancel culture.

Just vultures.

How about this.

Cancel all secret groups and agenda’s

Do a step four. Cancel the lobbyist.

The bribe hobbyist.

And the super-pact attack.

Because we’re going to show you the door.

Honestly, you have become such a bore.



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