Enjoy the Blast

Bianca in June,

Sitting in Bama with jacket on wanting to spoon.

I must be crazy as a loon.

The weathers a real boon.

Can’t wait till noon.

The signs we dismiss.

Maybe keep a list.

Ah Christ,

I eat too much rice.

You’re not very nice.

Well hell.

Do you hear a bell.

No, What have you to sell?

It’s just a cell in a jail.

Think you’ll make bail.

No?  Nails??

Too bad for your sails.

It fell, the sail well hell.

You never saw the fall?

Of all the gall.

Do you feel a little small Saul or was it Paul?

No prob, have a ball.

And don’t forget to call you all.

When you’re declawed.

Mauled and de-balled.

No brawls, to many fools enthralled.

After all. Tall and cool.

Lightly toasted hold the roasted.

Boasted be sure to post it.

With the most it.

And dose it.

“In case you are encased in Emergency Break Glass Foolish Lass”.

I’ll pass—Gas. 

And surpass mighty fast and continue to last.

Enjoy the blast.



Published by @purplehayes

Blogger, writer, father. Thanks for all your support. I hope you'll continue to spread the word. What If We're Already in Heaven Read if free with Kindle Unlimited. Death Wishes A Short Story also available on Kindle Unlimited RGH

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