A Poem for a Troll

Example Below

You never really know who your talking too.

You just think you do.

Example socialist media. FB, Twits, etc.

Social, implies church social, etc.

Social, back door man.

That’s beside the point.

Why ban Trump? 

Who cares at this point.

Stir, stir, stir, stir.

Chaos, feed the trolls.

Their life so boring empty.

I never supported the pig Rump, I quote.

BTW, he be gone. Joey B in charge.

Omg, you’re so wonderful.

Small troll.  100 likes, life complete.

My life completely empty.

By then only harassment.


It’s a secret Mr. Price Patrol.

You got what you want.

Smoke ’em if you got ‘em.


But I don’t agree.  I’ll give you a tip.

Your opinion stfu dumb ass X3. FB computer agrees.

So knowledgeable, so well thought out.

Then you stand up to Pathetic troll.

FB post deleted.

Violates fb standards.

I got initials for u too troll.

FFB FUAndIf we meet I shall kick your EFing ass.

Want my address?

Cause I googled you, you tub of goo.

We don’t play your troll B.S. in Bama.

I doubt you read it. LOL

To busy trolling.

Oh, makes no sense.


I’m the narrator guy.

It’s a poem.

I’m an artist, that’s how we roll troll.

And I did try to take the high road.




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