Warning Do Not Do This at Walmart

Warning don’t carry rolled change to Walmart!  It took three associates one being the head cashier in a closed-door meeting to figure it out.  Finally, some over-head manager was called in to weigh the rolled coins and practically rub the paper of the rolls to make sure it was actually quarters in roll.

I was searching my pockets for a quarter or two.  I thought they were going to tear open and count all five rolls and the roll of dimes.  I sure would hate for the Walton kids to lose 25 cents. 

If it hadn’t been for change, I would have starved in college.  That and knowing how many days it took the check I cashed for cash at Super Saver to hit my bank.  Because I didn’t want to pay them that extra $20 but I would, and they knew I would. 

But you see it’s a culture they have developed.  You’re not empowered at Walmart to decide.  They treat their employees terribly.  The management addresses you as if you’re nothing.  And it’s always more, more, more.  How do I know?  I worked there briefly.  I actually told a top manager he wasn’t going to talk to me like that.  He didn’t like that much.  So, we entered the progressive discipline stage.  Yes, I refused to sign any of them.  They didn’t like that much either.  They would have scared a younger person.  I just poked that bear a bit more.  You see I owned a couple restaurants in a previous life.  Before I said I do and all.  And I ran other business over the years.  Small things like a Holiday Inn with over 100 employees with rooms, a top-notch restaurant,  and a lounge with live entertainment. Not to mention banquets and cater outs.   Funny how these chains actually insist on training you in certain areas.  You know like getting sued by irate employees and such. Things like dual liability and reasonable care.  And I was actually a very good manager most times.  In fact, said Holiday Inn won some kind of award for something.  Plus, my ex-wife was an H.R. major.  When I was working at Walmart, I was in a protected class due to my age wise.   I’ve forgotten more H.R. than they’ll ever know. 

Walmart needs a Union.  Someone needs to call the U.A.W. and organize a little vote. 

How about this Walton Mart.  How about you share the profits with your employees.  Reward people.  How about you teach a little team system.  Catch folks doing something right. 

And you can hire me to show you how.  And folks will line up to work for you.  And you stock prize will “Burst” past Amazon.

Hey Bezos’s want to put Walmart outta business.  Hire me.  It will be my pleasure.  And it won’t take long.

I even got a name for it Amazart One Heart.


You think I’m making this up?

P.S. To all you corporate jack-legs that set the new system timed it out. I know Vandy was your school or Arizona State. You’ll get promoted I’m sure. To especially you big wheels that okayed the system. You sure can talk a good game. I understand you’re understaffed but I’d feel real good about things if you come on down to the store and help us out. I know you not up to speed but anyone can sweep and take out the garbage. I mean you already know your system, right. You want to keep those repeat customers after all it’s cheaper to keep them than find new.

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