Just Saying

Marriage, kids, bills, life takes its toll.

Our problem was never sex.

You even said we clicked in bed.

But you said things were dull and we needed a spark.

What a man and his wife does behind closed doors.

I understand, a little this a little that.

Dirty talk, I’ll let you do this and if you’ll let me do that.

I’ll even let you go first.  But be forewarned no names.

Whoops his name just slipped baby.

Oh, shut up,  he’s your best friend and not my type,

Just a cocky player.

He’s sick comes on to every woman. 

Your words said that but your body well it said something else.

Then I mentioned your hot single lesbian friend.

She hates guys.  She into women.

I’ve been trying to talk to her.

Her latest thing is she seduced a married woman.

She’s sick but I keep trying to get her help.

It’s so sad this married woman just uses her for her on sexual pleasure.

Is this someone I know. 

I have no idea.  Your body does not lie as well as you mouth.

I’ll be damn.  I don’t remember agreeing to a one-sided open marriage.

No wonder you needed a spark.  Hell, we need a flame thrower.

You’re probably a little torched yourself.  Pun intended.

I won’t even ask you about the travel ball weekend.

You remember you went early because you forgot to make a reservation.

And all the coaches had a pre tourney meeting.

The wives would be along the next day.

But it snowed all night.

No tourney and you all got snowed in.

You called to check on me late that night and tell me how bored you were.

You said all the kids went out and played in the snow.

While you and a mom you didn’t like got stuck inside.

You had to listen to all the glory days the coaches had.

Boring, boring, and I wish you were here.

But the two of you mom’s wound up being the coaches favorite.

And best buds except when her husband or I were there.

You both seemed agitated on edge even.

I could see where you could get bored at the game.

I know, let me guess,  you work for Penthouse forum.

Oh baby, you’re talking dirty now.

I loved to read those, but hell, I didn’t know you were the one writing them.

From ongoing experience.

Dang, I did need a change,  a spark myself.

I can see that I still light your fire.

And you do love everyone.

But do you think He meant that literally?

Just saying…



Published by @purplehayes

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