A Conversation with Myself

I don’t understand.

Self: What is it?


Self: I know but try to tell me.


Self: How do you like me now.

Not very much.

Self: That’s your problem.

You are not very helpful.

Self: We made it this far.

Just shut up.

Self: No can do.

I know how to shut you up.

Self: Tell me again you can only have a couple.

I dislike you very much.

But anyway, how come if the covid thing is over Taco Bell still wears masks.

Self: It’s a thing called liability. Just being cautious.  Plus, there trying to protect their employees.

Yea, sure…

Self: Then what’s it about big guy?

They planted the seed of fear and they are just keeping it fertilized.

Until the next crisis they hype. 

Self: You are very distrusting.

I mean come on it’s either safe or not. 

I would think differently, but I don’t even know anyway who had it.

I didn’t even see that much talk on Mask-book. Lol

Self: I like that. 

I don’t get it big Dan.

Self: But they will when they  feel that tree limb.

Btw,  Student loans are now call Federal Family Education Loans.

With the acronym (FFEL)

Self: First glance it looks like FEEL.

They won’t feel so good with they graduate and owe a bill of $200,000.

Self: Don’t matter they won’t pay it anyway.


Self:  What is everyone going to do when a tank drives runs over the gatehouse of your gated community. 

Call 911

Self:  It goes straight to voicemail.  Hi, this is 911 please leave a message.

Or talk to the driver of the tank and surrender if he hasn’t already fired.

If you have a FFEL please let us know.  We have a job for you. 

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