Brain Refrain

I was wishing,

My brain was missing.

I hear it hissing.

It’s really dissing.

And insisting on reminiscing.

In the abyss I seem to be kissing.

Quite dismissing for I search for blissing.

We used to debate.

Now it just wants to hate.

It’s never late,

For that date.

With hate it seems to satiate.

I hate to think it is my fate.

Maybe I can rewind.

And it will be more kind.

If I can only free my mind.

And get in-line and not be blind.

I’m sure I’ll find it’s not a grind.

This rhyme of unkind on which it dines.

Surely, I can leave behind this frame of mind.

But for now, I’m stuck in a strange game.

For which I have no name.

A blame game that leads to the same lame shame.

Hall of fame for the untamed membrane.

Mind meld of insanity maimed.

For which my brain refrains.



Published by @purplehayes

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