At Most Fear

If my time is near,

Father I pray for these peers.

I have no fear.

If it appears we go to war.

Who am I you leer.

I am the sphere.

I am the Rod of God, my dear.

Let me make it crystal clear. 

Oh, you missed it awakened seer.

I feel your eyes stuffed with fear.

I know you’re always near but not in my gear.

But you see while I dance on the edge of the atmosphere.

With Zeus, Thot, and God’s that seem to disappear when I appear.

The reasons may seem unclear,

Simply put they fear a mere image you cannot hear.

The mirror that you adhere, I’m in there with free beer.

But you’re to self-endeared to make my image reappear.

So, when you are wind sheered.

I’ll be the first to cheer.

Look at your empty mirror image and know the end is near.

It was my idea my dear, you should at most fear.

And I’m not doing a thing.  You thoughts embrace every hidden thing.

Free will has a dangerous ring.

But you asked for all these prideful things.

And now you have a lot of self-indulging bling.

But the store are closed to that loving fling.

So, you sing and dance for the wrong king.

And tell everyone there’s nothing and that’s all you bring.

“Yahushua”, a fable for fools even my words, misquoting,

The Word now mostly unheard except by the bible toting.

Of course, you encourage right of choice and baby looting.

A party to murder before the fact, I’m just footnoting.

Yes, prostituting my dear rooting.

Justice will be mine for I’m all consuming.

And your doomed to a blue screen not booting.

You see my Word is strong foreboding, concluding, muting.



Published by @purplehayes

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