I Can Show You How to Manifesto Better Than I Can Tell You For Free Help ME Help YOU

This will be the beginning of the list of people who have help me so far. So, I’m paying my way. Thanks. Now I’ll share your path if you’ll share mine. I’ll share your videos and write a little something in the comments. And I know you will do the same. Personally, I’m tired of the way things are in this world. I think we should all get together and have a little brain storm session. That is for another day though. I will share what I like, care about, and love. And I hope you will too. Because that’s who I am. They built me, let’s build something new and have some damn fun. Some times I may say I need something. I hope you can find it in your heart to give me that thing. And in return I’ll do the same. What do you need today? Me, nothing at the moment. I’m super!!!! I will also promote and share what I love. I love me some Alabama, Crimson Tide, and anyone from this state. I’m tired of our state being ran down and talked about like we’re stupid and don’t wear shoes. Some of the brightest people ever have come out of this state. And I can prove it. And I’ll be share that with you. That goes for the hole South. There’s good people in the south. They say the south will rise again. It already has and it hasn’t hit you yet. It goes without saying, Saban and the Tide are simply the best. Who is in charge of Apple? Auburn grad. It’s ok we got Saban in charge of football. lol And I’m going to play a game he plays the process. My process. I’m going to help you achieve your dreams And you are going to help me achieve my dreams. I will tell you my dream and then I will show you. The first dream in my bucket list of dream is being a famous writer. And would you help me please. Thank you I knew you would. Just share these folks above and below me that’s all you gotta do. I swear. I have books on Kindle. You can read them for free on Kindle. Just download a free trial. In fact you don’t even need to read it. Just thumb though it to the very end. Ok, guys that’s your first loophole. Want to buy a copy of a manuscript. Would you like me to READ your book? I’ll be glad to read yours. Send me the link. In any comments below or email. Believe me I’ll know if you read mine. Just comment down below and I’ll do it. There is nothing illegal about it. If you go to the book store and but a book you pick it up and thumb through it don’t you? Sure you do. It’s a loophole right before your face and you didn’t even see it. That one was for free. Or subscribe to Patreon deal and I’ll send you lots of hack, tricks, cheats, and loopholes. I love loop holes there the best thing ever. Oh, and I’ve just been warming up with the poetry and stuff. Seeing if anyone was paying attention. And guess what? The lights are on but nobody is home. Yep, I stole that from a song. Don’t worry they don’t care they just got paid. I know, I know, it’s like the roof over your head. For some but not for me. Or you cause you read this far. This is the truth. And honesty is the very best policy. I know it is. So, I will never lie unless I need too. Thinks about that for a second. I would like to protect my family so there you go. Abstract. Everything is abstract. It’s the way you look at it or perceive it in you life. And that’s how it will affect you. Famous writer, rock & roll star, you tube influencer, radio dj, and one more later. I’ve got big doings planned. I know the anticipation is killing you. Like I said I can show you better than I can tell ya! Out.



This is the short list.



Great company for Credit Cart processing. They even send you the readers you can use on your phone. How cool is that.


This is home town paper. Just like Mayberry. Subscribe for $27 dollar a year. And they will even send you one in the mail and you can read it online. How cool is that. Yep, we live just like that simple. Do you want to live in Bama? I’ve got land for sale. And cars, trucks, books, and most anything has a price. I’ve got a gold mind of for sale. Hahaha.

Funny guy for a dog! 1-18-2018 never forget. A great writer like me. lol




My youngest superstar! Harhar! Bar none! She’s the one!





How has he helped me? His email is jeff@amazon.com That made me take notice and told me a couple of things. One he pays attention and two he cares. And I will add this he’s trying to feed the hungry. You know the homeless. And I think that’s super so I’m going to help him too. You know why because one day I’m going to ask him for a favor. And it will be such a sweet deal he’ll just laugh and shake my hand. Hey, Bezos my email is purplehayes58@yahoo.com and do I have an idea for you! And for this guy too. He lives in Nashville but I know he’ll answer me because he loves Alabama too. And I dig his music.

I can sing this better than he can. Want to bet Kid?

I’ll just show him.

And this guy too.

Want to bet Robbie and John!

That’s the post today more later like the announcement of my new youtube channel and new radio station. Dream on Steven! Thanks.

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