Warm Thoughts

Let’s have some fun Pop.

Are you too old to drink?

No. But now I stop and think.

This Beam will make you be-bop.

You have no clue.

Let me give you an example of what it will do.

Little things like pass out in the shower.

After all it was only a four hour shower.

Damn water heater.

My teeth still chatter. 

How about the time in college. Let’s see 14 degrees.

Eight inches of snow on the ground.

A clubbing we were bound. Closed them down.

 Passed out in a 68 Camaro.  Rather narrow.

Someone found me in the passenger seat.

All doors wide open and windows down.

I must have looked like a clown. 

My favorite song blaring, I’m as Cold as Ice.

Or the little hiccup with five guys. 

One night leaving some dive.

They were high. But I was higher.

Ten foot tall and bulletproof sky higher.

I won’t be a liar. 

I can tell you there five beat my ten.  It was a sin.

Go have some fun you young pup.

Pop will stay and be-bop a cup of warm thoughts.

And here wear the jacket, it’s getting cold tonight.



Published by @purplehayes

Blogger, writer, father. Thanks for all your support. I hope you'll continue to spread the word. What If We're Already in Heaven Read if free with Kindle Unlimited. Death Wishes A Short Story also available on Kindle Unlimited RGH

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