Let’s talk about two words Free and Freedom.

They are misspelled and need redefined.

What you mean jellybean.

Show me some free.

Always a fee.

Leave out that R.

Correct am undo.

Now freedom.

Give me some free-dumb.

You catch on quick. Passes go.

Get out of jail free?????

Zippy doo dah.

I’m feel numb.

What about free checking.

Let just light up and move along, wrong.

Freedom rings. Where?

America land of the free dumb.

But they are brave.

How about free puppies.

Vet bills. More puppies. Dog food.

Free fees for free dumb.

Freedom is a decision. A thought, a dream.

When you say you are free.

King said, Free at last. Free at last.

He became a part of.

Freedom is free when you say you are a member of the human race.

When you look in the mirror and realize everyone has the same thoughts, dreams, illness.

In other words.

You are just like me.

Look at the man in the mirror.

Change and be free.

Free. No one can make me any other way.

Except me. I am free.

I am freedom. I am me.

King’s dream lives free.

He paid the fee.

And his dream is in all of us.

What would King’s speech be concerning the election.

Nothing comes for free not even dreams.

I had a dream that one died to make us free.

Many died for our rights, our right to vote.

In the freest country in the world.

I have another dream the Secret Service of Freedom.

The serve and protect our Constitution and right to honest verified elections.

It’s the only way we have any freedom.

I volunteer to protect freedom

And will march to my death to do it.


I with ya!

I found something free.

Long distance phone calls.

Take that at and t.

Free in the dome.

Free at home.

Free all alone.

Free in the zone.

A free dumb thought to give you.

What did you think? PayPal fee?

No, but I am free zing.

You are not fee sing.

I mean you do not sing free.

But we don’t make no charge for air and water.

Air and water is free.

But gas and oil we make a charge for that.

Wrong.  Where is air free anymore?

Water maybe if they got a hose.

I got another one.

Buy one get one free.

Yep, but everything else in the store is jacked up.

Doubled, double crossed you.

Just as free as I’ll ever be.

No, we don’t have a lot of money.

Seven times.

Told you they were spelled wrong.

You’re dumb.

At least I don’t give it away free.

You assume. That makes an ass/u/me.

That one is on me. A freebie.



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