The Time is Right

Do You Know Who I Am

It seems I have no name.

Do you know who I am?

In this game of shame.

What kind of love teaches a daughter to hate.

To hate the man that loved the mother with heart and soul.

And trusted his true love enough to bring to life.

The most beautiful kind loving human in a world full of hurt.

 A person unconditionally in love with living. A child taught and convinced,

 That her parents are wonderful, and this life is too.

What kind of person claims to love everyone.

Who condemns hateful words and people.

Would perpetrate such injustice?

For revenge?  Because you’re jealous that your daughter,

Our daughter loves her father too.

Of course, she can only love you.

Love is never jealous.  Love is patient and kind and never ends.

Your borrowed blue fake contact eyes.  The eyes of lies.

Surprise visits concerning affairs of lust. Your number one sin lust will do you end.

But the manic barbie doll poisons rats and not to mention cats.

Even her son.  Lookout dog you regal beagle.

Dead white rat dead white bat. Dead wishes and plans.

You know what they say about best-laid plans.

 A diagnosed schizophrenic Jewel and her Master of Barks.

They often go astray. One astray, two astray, three astray, whose counting the strays.

Diesel flies like a hawk.  I buried Jersey with a broken heart under the oak tree.

At the Spirit of our Place at the house that built a steel flower.

Who would have guessed?  The one you trust the most.

The ones you loved heart and soul.  Turn out to be trolls.

Lust, greed, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony, and wrath.

Judge not.  They say love is blind.  Kkeep your friends close.

And your enemies closer.  Mighty Casey has struck out.

Mom would say two fools met.  Mom was right water-boy.

Until we meet again.  Could I ask a favor?

You see you were a lifesaver.

Unfortunately, the lines you crossed brought my disfavor.

I know you think you know this foolish old shaver.

But Barbie has insights from this raver.

Sorry seems so sad.  Think me a fool. I am the maker of rules.

 Dead cats, dead rats, run, run, run,

Dead cats, dead rats think he an aristocrat.

Dead cats, dead rats thinks she can run and hide.

Dawn lust for the black snake.  What did you do for money honey?

Do you have any dreams or are they just memories? 

This is just between an old memory and you.

You may need to be alone.  Because I can’t wait to watch my dreams.

Through crying eyes of I must be hallucinating.  And then you recall.

The call from on Saturday night from Maw’s house.  The question arose.

 Do you know who I am?  A child of God. We’re all created in His image.

Summertime  2010 a radio frequency short wave. This time we will get it right.




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