The editor in chief insisted on a rewrite.

The deadline growing near.

Rewrite it. Rewrite this true story.

Make a splash with yourself on the headline.

A True Life Rewritten to Perfection by You.

In the beginning it was just me.

On the first day I created a Perfect version of me.

Cloned perfection.  And that was all I needed.

Then Me and thee decided to rewire a circuit.

A circuit in the circle of our life.

We inserted a source duplication code.

Then another. One for each of us.

Just to test and refine the ongoing rewrite.

A loophole for me and thee.

Caution in case life goes sideways.

Ahead of the curve.  The lead dog.

The new headline read:

The Limitless Rebel.

Splash made twice.

The Limitless Rebel assignments:

Induce creativity in all.

To keep my brain crystal clear.

Genius level consciousness.

Photographic memory with total recall.

411 instant information. Built in free of charge.

Ego free life of magical abundance.

Given away.  You get what you give.

Say hello to the Kingdom. 

It was within you all the time.

Acceptance asked for and received.

Mentored the inexperienced.

Positive affirmations of love given to all.

Whatever it took. An attitude of grace.

Virtual hugs or drugs.  In the loop support.

Divine expectations and results achieved.

It’s time to shine.

Let us unwind and dine.

And build a shrine in paradise.

Yes, it’s all true. Your first thought.

Is always correct and perfect.

All loans paid in full.

For all your generations to come.

Blessed to not taste death.

Recorded and written and rewritten.

Mission perfectly accomplished.

Oh, Limitless one.

Ergo the new Heaven.

Welcome my son. Now.

 Let the Hunt for a Rebel Scavenger begin.

Clue in words and deeds. Clues for those who believe.

Clues for those who leave.

It’s just a game.

Want to play?

The Limitless Rebel Scavenger Hunt?

Your first clue:

In a



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