The 4th Step

The 4th Step

Give the American People a good cause and there’s nothing they cannot lick.  That was quoted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 in one of the Presidential debates versus Walter Mondale.  He was quoting his friend and fellow actor John Wayne who had passed on recently.  Wayne was defending Americans for not knowing and understanding how the United States came to be.  And the basic principle of values that initially made people come together here. 

How did we become the Greatest Nation on Earth and the Land of the Free?  And why?  In other words. Why here?  What made them seek a different home in America?  To even discover America.  And why are some so quick to defend our way of lifestyle.

I know what you are thinking.  And how does it relate to our situation now.  I believe all people of this Nation should go back and watch some of these old debates.  Not only, did I feel awed by President Reagan, but it was like I was back in time.  Listening to President Reagan reminded of me how I believed what he said.  And I knew he cared not only about America.  But me.   As a We the people.  He made me feel, not only part of the process but that I could help solve our issues.  And that we could fix the problem no matter how hard or overwhelming. That we all deserved the best. And we can get it if we all work together. 

Guess what.  We did it!  But most of all he loved the United States and the lifestyle.   And a little thing called freedom.  The place where almost everyone in the world will die to get too.  And that is how and why people came here and continue to try to come here.

But, most of all.  That all peoples can dream and succeed here.  Live your dream here.  Without interference, fear, or oversight by any government organization.  He wanted smaller government with less taxes and a balanced budget.

And he laid out his plan, in detail, and told how he was going to do it.  And why it would work?   With examples as what he did as Governor of California.  Guess what?  It worked in California. After all, even in 1984 California was considered liberal.  But Reagan was not. So you knew it most likely work for the U.S. 

Then you could do a little research and decide for yourself.  After you voted for him.  If he could get things passed in Congress you could see how we did.  Results. The best results ever up until that point in our history.  So, he did win won the gipper and our team.  America.  And the economy improved.

 During the Carter administration we interest rates at 18 to 20 percent.  Employment rates that were about the same.  And inflation of 5.8 percent in 1976 to 7.7 percent in 1978.  Compare that to 1.8 percent in 2019 and .62 percent (estimated) 2020.  Interest rates 3 percent this year currently and unemployment rates of 8.4 percent right now.  Interest rates of 2 percent in 2019.

Those are facts.  You can look them up.  I did.  Where am I going with this?  That is up to the people to decide.  And no this is not a Greatest President article.  Although Ronald Reagan is the greatest President in my lifetime.  Because I know these stats are a good estimate.  But the kicker is I lived it and I know when anyone asks as he did in 1980.  Are you better off now than you were four years ago?  I said no.  In 1984 when he humbled Mondale his slogan was It’s Morning Again in America.  I said good morning.  Why?  I got the best job I’ve ever had, purchased a brand-new foreign vehicle, and most of all feeling awesome about my family’s future and our country. 

Mainly because of his honesty and his ability inspire people and make them believe.  But he told the TRUTH or at least he seemed too.  He was a leader.  He was prepared.  He told you he cared.  And actions spoke louder than words. And he walked the walk.

This is unfinshed everyone.  RGH.  More to come.

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